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Cardimpulz Lebanon opens its doors!

Monday, August 1st, 2011


Cardimpulz Lebanon opens its doors!


Cardimpulz Ltd. Hong Kong proudly announces the opening of its sales office Cardimpulz Lebanon, located in the town of Jounieh just north of Lebanon’s capital city Beirut. Cardimpulz Lebanon will focus on the Middle Eastern and North African market offering the full range of Cardimpulz products, with a specialization on mobile phone recharge & SIM cards.

Mr. Maroun Abi Nader and Mr. Joe Abi Nader will be the local representatives in the Lebanon office, and can be contacted via email at info.lebanon@cardimpulz.com.au. Both Mr. Maroun Abi Nader and Mr. Joe Abi Nader have a rich and long experience in card production. And CardImpulz is very happy to have such experienced professionals to represent its company in the region.

Cardimpulz Hong Kong is confident that together with the professional team in Lebanon, a better and more efficient service will be offered to the local market, and wishes the team in Lebanon all the best.

Cardimpulz Lebanon full contact details are:


CardImpulz Lebanon

Cardtec International SARL

Tapimara Building 2nd floor

2112, Jounieh, Lebanon

Tel. +961 9 640 968

Fax. +961 9 640 929

Email. Info.lebanon@cardimpulz.com.au


CardImpulz offers PLA cards!

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

CardImpulz, one of the few pioneers in China in the field of bio-degradable cards has added 100% degradable PLA cards to it’s line of products.  PLA stands for Poly Lactic Acid and is material extracted from corn, making them an excellent environmentally friendly alternative for the standard PVC cards. They are bio degradable and produce no toxin when destroyed.

CardImpulz is exited that the first step has been made towards environmentally friendly plastic products and can offer all standard accessories like Magnetic stripes, signature panels, personalization, hot stamps etc. on it’s PLA cards.

CardImpulz expands their line of products with metal cards

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Due to a growing demand in metal business and membership cards CardImpulz has added this to its list of products. CardImpulz can offer different options such as the magnet strip, signature panel and personalization with laser engraving and embossing. Fore more information and quotations please sent an email to sales@CardImpulz.com

CardImpulz offers recycled PVC

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Due to a growing demand in recycled PVC this product has been added to CardImpulz’s list. CardImpulz has been intensively cooperating with suppliers in order to keep the of recycled PVC low without additional costs!

Launch of the new CardImpulz website

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

CardImpulz management is pleased to announce that the new website is online.

CardImpulz is currently still working to improve the various pages on this website and the product info. There are plans for an online system where you can place your own order, confirm and pay without too much intervention of CardImpulz staff. In the future CardImpulz would like to offer the most popular products through a web shop from stock products in Europe.