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CardImpulz Australia can offer you not only the most common chips, but also the more sophisticated CPU operated contact chip cards. Please contact our sales department if the card you’re looking for is not mentioned below. Most common contact chip cards include; the well known Siemens SLE5542 and the SLE5528 (CardImpulz can also provide the previous versions 4442 and the 4428) & the entire Atmel range. These contact chip cards can be offered with for example a magnetic strip, a signature panel, full color printing, personalization, holograms, hot stamps etc. Contact your sales representative for a full range of possibilities on contact chip cards.


Below you will find the most used Contact chip cards with pdf specification sheets. Please click on the chip if you already know the contact smart chip you need, and fill in the ‘quick quote’ format on the left side of the screen. Or contact our sales department if you are not sure which chip suits you best (sales@cardimpulz.com.au).


(Click here)for a details overview and explanation on how to get you the best possible printed cards.


Infineon (Siemens) chips:

• SLE4428 Has been replaced by the SLE5528, but available upon request

• SLE4442 Has been replaced by the SLE5528, but available upon request

• SLE5528
• SLE5542

Feel free to send an email (sales@cardimpulz.com.au) if you are not sure which of these chips is best suited for your requirements. Our sales team will be happy to assist you.


The SLE5528 is a relatively cheap chip which is gaining more and more popularity; it has replaced the SLE4428 and is widely used in Australia, the US & Western Europe. The SLE5528 is 100% compatible with the previous SLE4428 and is primarily used for access control and identification systems.


The SLE5542 is the latest replacement of the popular SLE4442 chips, and is also 100% compatible with the SLE4442. For existing users of the SLE4442 it will thus be very easy to make the step to SLE5542. These chip cards are mainly used as membership cards, access control, healthcare and loyalty cards.


When you require Atmel cards we highly recommend contacting our sales department. Depending on your project or requirements, the CardImpulz sales professionals are at your disposal to recommend you the best Atmel chip for your project or customer. Among many others CardImpulz can offer the following Atmel chips:

• ATMEL (AT24C01A & B)
• ATMEL (AT24C02)
• ATMEL (AT24C04)
• ATMEL (AT24C08)
• ATMEL (AT24C16)

Please feel free to send us an email (sales@cardimpulz.com.au) or to fill in the quick quote box on the left if you unsure which of these chips is best suited for your business or event. Our sales professionals will be happy to offer assistance.

As an alternative CardImpulz can also provide you with comparable Chinese versions of some these contact chips.

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team if your required chip is not mentioned on this page (sales@cardimpulz.com.au).

CardImpulz is THE Card Professional for your contact smart cards!