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A loyalty card from CardImpulz  Australia is one of the most inexpensive yet MOST effective ways to increase the loyalty of your customers. Just imagine all those customers owning a personalized loyalty card with your logo and/or name in their wallets. They will immediately think of your business whenever they see that card! These are obviously the customers that keep coming back to you and your business, only because you’ve provided them with your very own loyalty/discount card.

A few options Cardimpulz Australia can offer you:
• VIP Cards (e.g. a 10% discount when customers spend more than AUD$ 100)
• Marker loyalty Cards (Punch or stamp cards), e.g. after 5 time 1 time for free
• Discount Cards (e.g. 10% or more discount on all your purchases!)
• Promo Cards (e.g. receive a free item when spending more than AUD$ 50)
• Welcome loyalty Cards (e.g. you’ll receive a 20% discount on your first visit)

There’s obviously so much more possible with the loyalty cards from Cardimpulz please do contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you. Please contact our sales department for more information by sending an email (sales@cardimpulz.com.au), or fill I the quick quote request on your left.

Loyalty cards from CardImpulz allow you to monitor the consuming behavior of your customers and even control it to a certain extent. Make it easier for your customers to be loyal to you by providing them with a loyalty card. For example, a client card or a discount card can record what a customer has spent over the past months, and what it was spent on. And a promotional card allows you to increase the sales of certain items. Customer service has never been this important. CardImpulz would like to assist you in setting up a loyalty card system. Please contact us at your convenience.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could offer your customers their own loyalty card? A plastic card with a picture of your business, your logo, address that you can design (design your own card). But of course you can also trust CardImpulz to take care of the design

(Click here) for an explanation on what we need to give you the best possible printing results.

Loyalty card Accessories

Personalized Loyalty carriers & envelopes
CardImpulz can also print a customized envelope or carrier presenter to make your loyalty cards look even more special. Please contact our sales department for more informationsales@cardimpulz.com.au.

CardImpulz is the Card Professional for your loyalty cards!